Inquisitives Annonymous

Orc hunting part 2 and aftermath

Session 3

The party tracks the orcs back to their base camp and were joined by Xandrina and ‘D’. The orcs weren’t so much waiting for the party as they had numerous sentries who saw them coming and raised the alarm, drawing a number of other orcs from their tents. Their numbers and leader made them a decent challenge but the party managed to take them down, after taking a few lumps of their own.

Save for the orc lieutenant and the leader, the bandits didn’t have much on them aside from some basic gear. Upon inspecting the tents though the party found a nice stash of gold plus, an encrypted note and a box of an unidentified black liquid. There are marks on the floor indicating that there were several other boxes here as well.

Exp: 810 per person
  • 1200 GP
  • Bastard Sword + 1
  • Leather Armor + 1
  • Master work Longsword
  • Masterwork Leather

Before heading back to town the party decyphers the message. It reads as follows: _ Thurt, you are to cease all raiding activities immediately. The Sharn Watch is onto your operation, and is intending to send troops to destroy you with the next supply train. Avoid this trap, do not attract attention and remain hidden. Getting our product into the city is far more important to us than whatever small profit you’re making from ripping off convoys, and we guarantee you’ll pay a far greater price if you attract attention from the Sharn Watch to our operation. We spend enough money making sure their eyes are elsewhere… Make sure we receive the next shipment on time. _

When the party returns to Sharn Sergeant Salesh greets them with the reward for wiping out the orcs with a bonus for saving his men. In return for saving the lives of his friends, Salesh hands them a key to an apartment the Watch recently cleared a drug ring out of. Its not fancy, but it does have a full lab, handy for mixing potions, or making magic items. It isn’t fancy … and smells a little funny, not to mention its in one of the rougher areas of Tavic’s Landing. Salesh says that he’d feel much better with them living there as opposed to another gang taking up. He tells the PC’s to keep their ear to the ground, if they hear anything going down in the area he’ll pay a reward for reliable information, and offers a larger reward if they should help out with the crime problem. He also gives them 1000 gp, 500 more than the promised amount. He says that Commander Iyanna ir’Talan was very pleased and decided to give the party a little extra as incentive to work with the Watch again.

Salesh asks for a sample of the liquid, and after hearing what the note says instructs the PC’s to take the note and liquid to Kharven Jorr.

Reward: 1000 gp, fixer upper apartment with lab.

Jorr is intrigued by the substance in the vial, and more so by the note that the PC’s found. He tosses gives them 750gp for the note and to contract them for an errand to Morgrave University. He thinks that the substance in the vial is some type of drug, and has a friend there who knows a fair share about the various magical properties of the most of the drugs making the rounds in Sharn.

Upon entering Morgrave University the party nearly runs headlong into Merrix d’Cannith, who was drawn closer by curiosity about Four. Though initially curious about Four, he instantly recognizes ‘Rina from their days in Cyre. Though only connected by politics, after the Day of Mourning one of Merrix’s main goals was to find any surviving members of House Cannith. He reacts with true delight to see the daughter of one of his former colleges alive and well, giving her a warm hug.

‘Rina opts to stay and talk with Merrix while the rest of the party take the vial to Jorr’s friend. She fills in Merrix on what happened after the Day of Mourning and if her parents survived or not. He inquires as to how her studies are proceeding and if she’d like to officially rejoin the House since they are always in need of good Artificers. Merrix says she doesn’t have to decide now, but the House will be open to her when she decides to return. (This doesn’t have to be leaving the party, mearly associating herself with the House once more.) Xandrina would know that Merrix is much more than simply a sort of Uncle happy to see her once more. It would be common knowledge that he is an ambitious man, whose hands aren’t entirely clean. She may wish to do some more research on him.

Meanwhile, the party has found their professor, a middle aged elf, dressed in fine clothes who has more the bearing of a warrior than a scholar about him. His name is Mennan (never were clear if it was his first or last name) and simply takes the bottle after you mention Jorr’s name. He returns a half an hour later with two pieces of paper, one a coded message, and the other a very obvious bill for his services, both to be delivered to Jorr.

The party, being the snoops that they are decode the message. A little easily considering who wrote it. It reads: _ Absentia – Very high concentration. Unusual properties. Much more potent, extremely addictive. Would make the user extremely susceptible to Quori domination. May permanently lower mental defenses. Working on antidote. That will cost you though. Hope you trust the greenhorns. _

The PCs decide to take advantage of the Library and research the Quori, finding out that they are extra planar being who reside in the Dreaming Dark who feed on the nightmares of the sentient beings on Eberron.

They also do some information gathering on Absentia, which normally is a cheap drug favored by the nobles which lets the user take a sort of mental roadtrip in another persons body. Normally it isn’t addictive but has been known to have side-effects.

On returning home the PCs notice a couple of things waiting for them. Most noticeably a pair of Ogres standing outside their door. After dispatching them and leaving the mess for someone else to sort out (bodies usually have a way of disappearing in Tavic’s Landing. On a side note I’d be wary of some of the shadier restaurants.) the party goes inside to find another surprise.

Merrix has apparently sent ‘Rina a little something to remember him by, in the form of a completely new alchemy lab, complete with supplies good for 50 potions (halves potion cost). Also several books on weapons and armorsmithing that will give ‘Rina a +3 on crafting weapons and armor. The note on the table says he’s looking forward to seeing her again soon, and hearing her answer. Four finds a +1 great axe with a bow on it.

XP: 760 per Character Gold: 2050 (750 from Jorr and 1300 on the Ogres) +1 Great Axe Alchemy Lab

So, for the whole night everyone gets 1570 exp + 500 for a quest reward = 2070. Divide the gold how you will. I suggest going shopping soon.



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