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Orc hunting - part 1

While Xandrina is studying some new Infusions to more fully prepare herself for the life of an adventurer and “D” has is required to meet with some members of House Lyrander, Sol, Four, and Gerald decide to take Jorr’s offer to assist the Sharn Watch.

Many in Lower Tavick’s Landing rely on supplies that come in through Wroann’s Gate to survive. Food and other supplies grown on the countryside come down the Old Road and into Tavick’s Landing and tend to keep the lower class areas of the city functioning. Recently though, caravan’s along the Old Road have been falling prey to a band of Orc raiders. Being both clever and ruthless their predations have begun to impact the food supply in Lower Tavick’s Landing, and having done so have drawn the attention of Commander Iyanna ir’Talan who’s assigned one of her Sergeants, Cahn Salesh, to taking care of the problem.

Salesh knows that the raiders are getting information from somewhere within Tarvick’s Landing on when and where to hit, so, though he doesn’t know where the source is, he’s decided to use that against them. Spreading news of a large shipment of food coming in on the Old Road, Salesh has planned to hide a moderate number of Watch members in a covered wagon which will supposedly contain the food. The rumors he’s spread have the advantage of being true, but Salesh plans to send his caravan before the actual food ships. Salesh is also a careful man and Commander ir’Talan values her people far more than she does her gold, so she requests that Salesh find a group of adventurer’s to provide muscle.

Salesh is also one of Jorr’s many contacts. Jorr values him as an honest man and source of information into the corruption of the Sharn Watch. Knowing about the predations on the shipping into Sharn and about Salesh’s plan (he is a Master Inquisitive) he sends Four, Sol, and Gerald to Salesh with a note from him. Jorr also comments that whatever they can do to make a good impression with Salesh and the Watch, they should do it.

Salesh trusts Jorr (also recognizing a good man). He fills the PC’s in on what’s been going on and what his plan is. The PC’s are to escort the wagon a small distance behind on horses (that the Watch will provide) and essentially help as needed. They’re to be minimally disguised so that the raiders shouldn’t know there are adventurer’s until too late. Reward is 200 GP (all the Watch can spare for independent parties at this time … possibly more than they can afford).

Encounter 1

The party is traveling along the road, waiting for the ambush to come. Sergeant Cahn Salesh is riding at the front, then the wagon, followed by the PC’s. As the wagon passes a certain spot on the road there is a large explosion from right under it and then the orcs attack.

Half of the members of the patrol are killed outright. The PC’s kill the attacking orcs and pulled the remaining members of the Watch out of the burning wreckage. Salesh is grateful to the PC’s and promises to help them out however he can. (good trust me).

Battle 7 Orcs warrior/1

Encounter 2

Following the ambush Salesh asks the PC’s to track the orc’s that got away back to their den. They’re running, on foot and not all too intelligent so it shouldn’t be too difficult. He toss’s Gerald a Wand of Missles with 15 charges left on it and tells them to kill the bastards while he signals Commander ir’Talan for help and see’s to his men.

The trail leads the PC’s through an area with plenty of trees where another ambush waits, the escaped orc’s having warned them that they’re being followed. A Perception check, DC 17 reveals the presence of the trap and gives the PC’s and denies the orcs their surprise round, giving one instead to the PC’s. A perception check of 14 reveals the presence of the orcs just before their attack, taking away the element of surprise.

The party succeeded this check, and thanks to the creative use of an Entangle spell by Sol, turn the ambush completely around and handily destroy the orcs.

Rewards: 300gp Mst. Wk. Longsword Exp. 2100


Hey, this is all from the last time we met, correct? I’m going through my stuff now updating my sheet.

I’ll assume it is.

Orc hunting - part 1

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