Inquisitives Annonymous

The Game is Afoot're going to have to endure some Sherlock Holmes references

For the immediate future he needs the PC’s to split up into two groups. He needs Four and Sol to come with him, looking into the purpose of the odd Absentia and the rest of the party members need to investigate its source. He suggests finding out who is responsible for getting it into Sharn and working back from there. He cautions on investigating the Boromar Clan as such activities are often very dangerous. Since he’s taking the parties healer he also suggests that the PC’s find a temporary stand in, as well as some muscle to stand in for Four.

He has a suggestion, a Deneith bodyguard for Four, but says the party is on its own finding a trustworthy healer. (remind them about Trey d’Jorasco)

Trey owes them a favor, but he’s not going to cross the Boromar clan for free, more to the point he house connections might be able to aid them in getting in touch with the head of the Clan as his wife is a member of House Jorasco (next session). Trey doesn’t have the House connections to set up a meet right away, but he does know some bars to start looking in Tarvic’s Landing.

The party chooses a suitably disreputable establishment and begin poking around for information about the Boromar’s. They spread around some gold, buy a few drinks and try and talk information out of a few of the customers. Eventually the get the identity of one of the local bosses.

On leaving the bar the party hears screams coming from a nearby alleyway. The streets are pretty deserted (by coincidence). When they enter the alley way they’ll see a halfling being attacked by another cloaked halfling holding a pair of knives. Let the party do whatever they want, but when it looks like they’re going to confront the halfling, 3 more drop down behind them and the woman laughs drawing two daggers of her own.

The party was a bit too canny for the trap and make short work of the would be ambushers. They’re now unconscious on the alley floor and the PC’s get to decide what they want to do with them.

Now, gold and experience totals up to this point because we need ‘em. But, because I’m lazy I’m just going to round things up to an even number and keep very tight track of things from now on. So, here’s the XP/GP totals.

Becky: 4000XP/3500GP
Ben: 4000XP/3500GP
Aaron: 4000XP/3500GP
Mark: 5000XP/4500GP
Chris: 5000XP/4500GP

If some one wants to total things up and this is less than you should have, I’ll rectify the situation but I’m decently sure you all get a bonus. I should note this is the cash you have, any items you have on you don’t count towards this total unless you’ve gone out and bought some.



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