Warforg Fighter


Four Fighter 2 HP 24 AC 21/reduction 3- Adamantine Warforg Fort 5 base att. 2 Refl 1 initiative 1 Str. 17 Will 1 Dex. 12 Con 16 Int 11 Wis 12 Chr 6

Feats: Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, exhaustion, and energy drain, Gets only half from healing spells At 0 hit points disabled Does not eat, sleep, or breath 25% chance sneak attack or critical hit is negated Slam attack 1D4

Adamantine body improve damage reduction power attack improved bull rush (+ 4 on bull rush)

Weapons: Battle axe, +5 att, 1D8+3 dam, crit x3,

Long Bow Cmposit, +3 att, 1D8+2, crit x3, 110 ft

Items: backpack Robe Silk rope 10 sacks warforg repair kit traveling papers 2 repair light dam oil


Four was in the last war and was found in Cyre in the wasteland. Four has no memory on his past and has been working freelance for anyone how can pay since he was found. He has no understanding of feelings and only knows that if he is with you he needs to watch over you and protect you. He is called four because he was the forth warforg found in the area he was at. Four can be a strong protector of the people around him but. But he must be told what to do because he follows orders.


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