Inquisitives Annonymous

Character Creation

This is my first time GM’ing and several of my players are having their first crack at a table top RPG, so this will prove to be an interesting experience. To add to the fun I’m not using a prepared module but coming up with my own adventure and story, designing my own encounters and maps based on the Eberron Campaign for DnD 3.5. Good luck to me I guess.

On Friday I introduced my players (who will hopefully be on here soon) to the rules for 3.5 and we did most of the work for drawing up the characters. There aren’t any names for them yet but here’s what we have:

Human Sorcerer – Gerald Tarrant

Warforged Fighter – Four

Shifter Druid

Half-elf Ranger

Unknown Character

Sessions are going to be once a month, and I plan on keeping things recorded on here for posterity and so that my players (and any one else) can read up before sessions.


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