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Sharn - First Mission
Gotta start somewhere

Encounter 1

The party, save for Four was enjoying a quiet drink at the Rusted Pike where they encountered Trey d’Jorrasco, a friendly and amusing member of House Jorrasco who works at one of the Healing Houses in Sharn. During the course of their conversation a group of human drunks decided to start trouble by throwing a bottle at Trey and then pressing the fight. The PC’s responded by quickly knocking the lot of them out. Moments after the fight the Sharn Watch showed up led by Four, who pulled the group aside and informed them he’d been sent by a man, named Kharven Jorr, has requested the group do a job for him. One of Jorr’s contacts, Owen “Dirk” Pence, has been captured and Jorr would like him freed, and the information “Dirk” has delivered to him.

  • 4 Potions of Cure Light Wounds Experience: Entire party is promoted to level 2

Encounter 2:

Four leads the party to an old warehouse in the lower levels of Sharn that where Pence is being held captive and interrogated. The party rushed the two fighters guarding the entrance and took them down, but not before one of them managed to warn those inside. Rushing inside the group found themselves confronted by 2 Rogues, a couple Sorcerer, and a total of 6 more fighters, two of whom were much tougher than the others. They were a simple uncoordinated gang though and made a few tactical mistakes that cost them dearly, and were defeated. In the basement the group found Pence being guarded by the leader of the gang, who put up a decent fight but also fell. Pence thanked the group, handing them a coded message for Jorr along with a vial of thick black liquid. The group met Jorr back at the Rusted Pike and rewarded them with a sack of gold pieces. He said he would have more work for them later, but for now they should either look into taking a job for the Sharn Watch, who needed some help or seek temporary employment with one of the Dragonmarked Houses. Jorr would put in a good word for them either way.

Bonus: The party located a secret stash that contained (coincidentally) masterwork weapons that they could use.
  • Masterwork Composite longbow
  • Masterwork axe
  • Masterwork shortspear
  • Masterwork (whatever Mark’s character and Becky’s character uses.)
  • Longsword x 4
  • Splintmail x 4
  • Lrg. Metal Shield x 6
  • 260 gp
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds x 8
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x 1
  • Leather Armor x 2
  • Rapier x 2
  • Bastard sword x 2
  • Half-plate x 2
  • Scroll of Magic Missile x 6
  • Scroll of Sleep x 2
  • Crossbow x 2 and 20 bolts
  • Mstwk. Full Plate
  • Mstwk. Greatsword

Experience: (4×600) + (1×900) + (8×300) = 5700
Each PC should have a total of: 2140 exp.
There were 450gp in the bag that Jorr gave the party.

Now the party must decide if they wish to aid one of the Dragonmarked Houses or the Sharn watch. Jorr will provide them with a reference.

Character Creation

This is my first time GM’ing and several of my players are having their first crack at a table top RPG, so this will prove to be an interesting experience. To add to the fun I’m not using a prepared module but coming up with my own adventure and story, designing my own encounters and maps based on the Eberron Campaign for DnD 3.5. Good luck to me I guess.

On Friday I introduced my players (who will hopefully be on here soon) to the rules for 3.5 and we did most of the work for drawing up the characters. There aren’t any names for them yet but here’s what we have:

Human Sorcerer – Gerald Tarrant

Warforged Fighter – Four

Shifter Druid

Half-elf Ranger

Unknown Character

Sessions are going to be once a month, and I plan on keeping things recorded on here for posterity and so that my players (and any one else) can read up before sessions.


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