S4 Encounter 1

On leaving one of the bars in Tavic’s Landing the PC’s hear screams coming from a nearby alleyway. The streets are pretty deserted (by coincidence and because I say so) Trey tries to convince the PC’s to investigate and if they don’t then he’ll un off by himself. If he does the party will later receive notice that the Boromar clan has him and desires a meet (next session if need be).

If they do procede, when they enter the alley way they’ll see a halfling being attacked by another cloaked halfling holding a pair of knives. Let the party do whatever they want, but when it looks like they’re going to confront the halfling, 3 more drop down behind them and the woman laughs drawing two daggers of her own.

PC’s get a perception check vs the hidden rogues to see them hiding PC’s get a sense motive vs the visible halflings bluff check

If the PC’s get either of these checks then they get a surprise round, though they can only act against the halflings they can see.

4 halfling rogue 3 (Page 55) Dmg 1d4 + 1 (Second atk is -5)

2 human warrior 3 (page 40) 18 HP / AC 16 / Init + 4 / Atk + 5 / Dmg 1d6 + 5

Calculate reward by rolling ( should be fun)

S4 Encounter 1

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