S4 Encounter 2

Once the thieves are dispatched Trey suggests they heal them back to minimal health after tying them up and turn them into the proper authorities. The PC’s can attempt to pump them for information which they might provide, although the PC’s will have to decide what they want to know. The rogues aren’t too high in the organization though and won’t know much, although they’ll be willing to tell the PC’s what they know in return for letting them loose. (any who survive) They’d also be susceptable to intimidate. What information they can get out of them is up to the parties creativeness. Info like who their boss is, what their orders were, who to contact to get information. They have a little information about smuggling but don’t know anything about the Absentia.

After the PC’s have exhausted that avenue they can go about investigating and find out some more about the criminal element in Sharn, and might be slowly pointed to Draask based on their inquiries and GI roles. This is an investigation, so its up to them to find out stuff.

On their way back at the end of the day though or after they’ve figured out enough, whenever you want to make it) they’re ambushed.

5 gnolls (Monster Manual page 130) 12 HP

Roll for treasure again.

S4 Encounter 2

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